The Initial Evaluation process involves an initial interview alone with the patient followed by a private, comprehensive interview with the parents.  Dr. Taylor encourages both parents to be present for the initial intake and assessment.  Prior to the first appointment, parents will be required to collect a variety of information, which may include questionnaires completed by the student’s teachers, prior medical records, previous psychological assessments, school evaluations, report cards, etc.  Dr. Taylor frequently performs interviews with teachers, care providers, or other caretakers following the appointment to obtain the necessary diagnostic information.

Dr. Taylor strives to create an ongoing treatment plan tailored to meet each patient’s needs.  This treatment plan can include psychological therapy and counseling, medication management, referrals to sub-specialists, and coordination/communication with teachers.  Dr. Taylor will frequently work together with the school’s educational staff to ensure that appropriate accommodations are instituted for the patient, sometimes in the form of a 504 Plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  In order to assure that care is coordinated and comprehensive, Dr. Taylor communicates regularly with therapists and psychologists who are providing ongoing care for her patients.  Consistent, routine follow up with Dr. Taylor is encouraged to monitor progress, modify treatment and assess outcomes.

Dr. Taylor’s Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics practice does not accept insurance.  Following each visit, the patient is provided with a Super-Bill which can later be submitted to the patient’s health insurance company for reimbursement.  It is advisable that the patient check with their insurance company regarding their reimbursement rate prior to the scheduled appointment.

  • Initial Evaluation for New Patient
    2 hour assessment

  • Initial Evaluation for New Patient with previous diagnosis
    1.5 hour assessment

  • Initial Evaluation for Young Adult
    1 hour assessment

  • Follow-Up Appointment
    30 minutes

  • Extended Follow-up Appointment
    60 minutes